Project Description

VS&P is offering their services and expertise in print, prepress and production to advertising agencies who don’t necessarily have the capacity or knowledge to handle large amounts of production work at all times. In cooperation with Nick, the new VS&P salesperson at the time, I created a series of animations which are used as a lighthearted way to introduce VS&P and explain what the service is about.

The first in a series of four. In the accompanying email our salesperson Nick Buddingh introduces himself to advertising agencies and invites them for a cup of coffee and a friendly chat.

The second in a series of four. In the accompanying email, sent early in January, our salesperson Nick Buddingh lets the world know he is ready for a new year full of exciting challenges.

The third in a series of four. In the accompanying email, sent on Valentine’s Day, our salesperson Nick Buddingh dreams about all the potential “professional” relationships VS&P will get as a result of his mailings.

The fourth in a series of four. A decision was made to include two co-workers. To introduce them, we decided to make the animation in the typical “buy one, get two for free” infomercial style all advertising agencies know and love.