A line of brochures and Point-Of-Sale material for a drugstore-chain. D.I.O. drogisterij/parfumerie is a chain of soft franchise stores, which means a group of drugstores buy their stock wholesale under the D.I.O. flag, but are still free to operate independently when it comes to promotion and advertising. I was responsible for the design, with some constraints. The design couldn’t stray too far from the existing corporate identity. Logo, font, colourpalette were all established. What the brochures themselves don’t show is the amount of work I put into streamlining the production process. This was most evident in the use of paragraph styles in Indesign.

A biweekly sales brochure

DIO stoepbord mockup
A poster

DIO Flyer mockup
A4 flyers. The client was in the process of developing a sub-brand to promote natural products in their stores. Due to the soft franchise principle, some stores carried the regular identity, some stores fully switched to the new sub-brand and some stores carried a bit of both or their own identity. To accomodate all parties, a series of three flyers was made with each carrying the same info, but with different designs. Our studio would make one flyer, then copy & paste the info into the other two designs. This was made possible by coordinating paragraph styles in all three template documents in InDesign.